TCEM - Technologie et Conception d’Equipements de Maintenance - Technology and Conception of Equipement for Maintenance

Technology & Conception of Equipment for Maintenance



TCEM is company of designs, manufactures and sells equipment for :

  • Tubular heat exchanger manufacturing and maintenance
  • Valves manufacturing and maintenance
  • Piping preparation and installation
  • Level control and alarm (oil and gas, chemical and nuclear fields)
  • Oil storage tank maintenance

Formerly a TROUVAY & CAUVIN division, TCEM is an independent company with solid experience on the above applications.

The expertise includes the design and production of MIP level control and alarm instrumentation / switches.

Our technical & commercial team is in a position to support customers & projects globally.

Product applications


Critical Industries

TCEM is a reputed technical partner servicing edge cutting industrial accounts : naval, aircraft, automotive, aircooler, food industries. The support includes the qualification and delivery of solutions for tubular expansion, mechanical cleaning equipment, and pressure testing.

Nuclear, Thermal Power Plants
Nuclear, Thermal Power Plants

TCEM is a reputed supplier in the nuclear industry worldwide, servicing end-users and key accounts. Our field of expertise includes :

  • Alarm level switches, instrumentation, manifolds
  • Expanding tool and equipment for the manufacturing of boilers, exchangers
  • Valve testing, grinding and lapping operations

The products are stable and designed to operate in severe conditions. They comply with the applications and are conforming to related directives.

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Oil & Gaz, Petrochemical
Oil & Gaz, Petrochemical

TCEM has developed a solid expertise in the petrochemical industry. Our field of expertise includes :

  • Heat exchanger manufacturing, maintenance solutions
  • Pipes, valves manufacturing, testing and maintenance solutions
  • Alarm level switches and instrumentation
  • Oil storing tank accessories

The products are designed and qualified to comply with the criticality of the application,  and do conform to related directives. TCEM products are reputed for their reliability.

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Food industry & sugar plants
Sugar Plants

Solutions for sugar plant maintenance.

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