Hydraulic expansion unit and expansion probes designed for expanding tubes in tube sheets. It ensure a uniform expansion within a single operation and over the complete length.
Applications : critical industries such as nuclear and thermal power plants, automotive, military and naval aplications
Applies to all types of materials based ont the thickness and admissible pressure.
Versions: hydraulic or electric. Pressures: 1000 – 5000 bar
Tube diameter: 10 to 80 mm. Plate thickness: 25mm to 800mm.
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The hydraulic expansion consists in making a tube/plate seal to allow the tubes to be pressurized.
The hydarulic expansion process is as follows:

  1. Inserting the probe into the tube
  2. Activation of the trigger
  3. Water is injected into the probe
  4. The pistons are pressed against the seals (tube/string contact)
  5. Pressurization and pressure increase
  6. Pressure decrease and purging of the system
  7. Withdrawal and beginning of a new cycle