Overpressure leak detector gun for periodic checking of heat exchanger, chiller and condenser tubes . Goodway’s LD-2X2 is a fast, simple and accurate tool for detecting tube leaks. To operate, insert a detector into each end of the tube to be checked. Pull and hold the trigger on one or both guns until the air pressure gauge on the back of the detector stabilizes. Release the trigger and observe the air pressure gauge. If the pressure holds, the tube is in good condition. If the pressure drops, there is a leak. Use with gasket kits for tubing up to 1″ OD.

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ØInt : 5/8″”-1″” / 15,8 – 25,4mm

  • Tube pressurization via both ends: visible pressure gauge to evaluate tightness
  • Air requirement of 6,9 Bar min.
  • Dimensions: 230 mm (H) x 265 mm (L) x 70 mm (W)
  • Weight: 0,9 kg