Flame pipe cutter for cutting and beveling pipes from 4″” to 80″” diameter.

Cutting and/or beveling performed by flashlight (acetylene/propane on request) mounted on its support, equipped with a graduated joint to allow accurate positioning of the torch on the starting point.

Straight and accurate cutting and beveling all around the pipe thanks to a locking system composed of a double link chain and 4 wheels adjustable according to the pipe diameter.
The chain is also used to power the rotation of the GB CUT around the tube.

Available in manual rotation by crank or low voltage engineized electric rotation with remote control (engineization kit can be mounted at a later stage).

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4” – 80″ outside diameter

Wheel position:
Three positions (for outside diameter 4”-16″/16″-32″/32″-80″)

Torch Installation Axes:
Three axes

Rotation :
Manual or remote control

Power supply (for the engineized kit version)
220 volt (different voltages on request)
Voltage in the engine : 24 volt