TCEM - Technologie et Conception d’Equipements de Maintenance - Technology and Conception of Equipement for Maintenance

Technology & Conception of Equipment for Maintenance


TCEM at the World Nuclear Exhibition in Paris

The World Nuclear Exhibition


Back to the World Nuclear Exhibition (WNE) in Paris which took place between June 26 and 28, 2018.

TCEM was present at the show this year to represent the nuclear industry.

TCEM is approved by EDF, the french nuclear authority, for the supply of MIP level controls.

Since 2003, TCEM has now taken over the MIP brand and can supply the complete range of products including :

MIP has been manufacturing level control instruments since 1975 in the Nuclear power production.

TCEM could not miss the appointment at WNE in Paris !

The exchanges with the actors of the nuclear sector have been very enriching.

In addition, many of you came to meet us on our stand and we thank you for it !


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The purpose of the World Nuclear Exhibition this year was to promote the new era of nuclear energy.

New technologies were present at the show as well as innovations and research programs.

Energy needs are increasing and in parallel we must fight against global warming and preserve the planet.

WNE makes it possible to value the growth of the ecosystem where international cooperation extends to solutions technologies

that are collaborative, interconnected and secure.


TCEM in a few words


TCEM specializes in the field of technology and conception of equipment for maintenance :

  • tubular exchangers
  • valves
  • piping
  • level control
  • equipment for storage bins

We are present in several sectors:

  • industries
  • nuclear and thermal power plants
  • oil and gaz, petrochemical
  • sugar plants

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