Air-operated testing pumps specialy designed for periodic testing and control of pressure equipment. Adapated to industrial environments and critical conditions (nuclear, petrochemical, naval, defense and other industries) :

  • Flow and pressure measurements accuracy level
  • No risk of sparks or flames
  • Isolation chamber for chemical applications
  • Proven reliability, robust and repairable solution
  • Stabilization/shimming/maintenance of a predetermined pressure without consuming energy or generating heat.
  • Parameters eaily accessible for automatic controls
  • No undesired effects for continuous start/stop applications
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  • Pressure ranges: 60 -600 bar
  • For testing and periodic inspection of pressure equipment
  • Suitable for testing pipes, exchangers, boilers and capacities
  • Delivered ready to use with tubular frame, incoming filter, purge
  • Network connection: workshop air, water
  • HP and LP pressure gauges with certificates when required
  • Modular versions: flow rates, operating pressures, dimensions, materials (all stainless steel possible), ATEX version
  • Adaptable to applications with/without oil, water and chemicals