Interface for pressure test regulation and monitoring. Compatible with TCEM hydropneumatic pumps. Consists of a transportable panel with touch screen for remote control, hydraulic interface and connections. Operation and features:

  • Takes into account the target test pressure and minimum reset pressure in case of pressure loss.
  • Variable factor for rapid pressure increase up to the first threshold, followed by a gentle pressure increase to avoid exceeding the target pressure.
  • Countdown for complete test sequence
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Adaptable to all TCEM hydropneumatic pumps

  • Easy to use / Power supply 230 V
  • Regulation of the test pressure up to 600 bar
  • Pressure regulation by a min-max
  • Analog signal delivered by a 0-10 V transmitter
  • PLC with touch screen to enter parameters and control he regulation by simultaneously controlling the pump’s air supply and the HP output.