Flexible shaft tube cleaners to clean boilers / exchangers tubes and others conduits. Key features:

  • Robust structure, shaft quick connexion / coupling system (without thread)
  • Interchangeable high temperature flexible hoses for water or dust suction
  • Interchangeable cleaning tools and brushes
  • water jet rinsing or simultaneous vacuuming (depending on the model)
  • Foot pedal or gun activation (depending on model)

Service, demonstration, training and spare parts available upon request.

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8 different types of engines: RAM PRO, RAM PRO XL, RAM-4, RAM-5SFVS, I-RAM-EX-100, AWT-100 and AWT-100X

  • Inner diameter of tubes: 6,35mm – 25,4mm
  • Wide power range
  • Different power supplies (pneumatic and electric)
  • Rotation speeds: from 800 to 3000 rpm on the largest models (adjustable parameter)
  • Flexible transmission up to 23m
  • Different accessories available: brushes (nylon, stainless steel, brass), abrasive tools, scrapers

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