Pneumatic cleaning gun with foam projectiles for cleaning and decontaminating pipes, tubes or hoses. Kits available for diameters ranging from 1/8” to 4” 1/2.
Complete range of nozzles and adaptor rings.
Range of projectiles from 2mm to 95mm in thickness and characteristics: normal density, high density, abrasive projectiles, scrapping projectiles, large diameter projectiles (100 to 150 mm).

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Cleaning hoses, tubes or transmissions from 1/8″” to 4″”1/2.

  • Quick connect and 360° rotating connector for good air flow and fatigue-free
  • operator fatigue-free operation.
  • Manufactured from precision machined aluminum parts and fully anodized for harsh environments and environments and heavy use.
  • Ideal for all applications due to their design, size and portability.
  • Comes complete with heavy-duty, lightweight case, launcher holder, and adapter nozzles and rings.

Power requirements:
80 PSI (5.5 Bar) minimum to 110 PSI (7.5 Bar) maximum.
1/2″” air hose to provide 1.6 m3/min (55 SCFM) air flow.
A 5 micron filter and a regulator with gauge are strongly recommended!
Clean, dry air must be used