In-situ safety valve testing unit for periodic controls including pressure opening and lift test.

  • Qualified auxiliary lifting support for testing all makes of safety / relief valves.
  • Accuracy of results above required tolerances, according to ASME VIII and PED standards.
  • Computerized system including a large pre-installed database of valves.
  • Equipped with an acoustic and displacement sensor for further analysis if required.
  • Lightweight and semi-automatic (LTC) or automated (Advanced) version.
  • Delivered with ATEX and CSA certification according the option.
  • Delivered ready to use with cylinders, load transducer sets, lifting and acoustic sensors, i- ndustrial computer and test software. Commissioning and remote assistance.


  1. Only valves that require overhaul need to be removed.
  2. Welded valves can be checked and adjusted without costly disassembly of the line.
  3. No temperature correction required.
  4. No interruption of production during testing.
  5. Reduction of the time needed to start up after shutdow
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Versions: semi-automatic (LTC) or automatic (PreVenTest Advanced)
The lightweight, semi-automatic LTC version has a small, smooth-running hydraulic pump.
The Advanced version is a larger but fully automated device with a computer-controlled pulling force.
The PreVenTest can be supplied in an intrinsically safe version with ATEX and CSA certification.
Transducers / Load cells for lift assist devices:
The PreVenTest comes with a set of accurate force/load transducers that measure the pull force required to generate an initial lift of the valve. The results can be compared with disc lift data, acoustics are available and can be used for further analysis of valve performance and identification of set pressure.

Valve testing device:
Lightweight but robust alloy device. The lift assist device is quick and consists of a free clamp, limiting any unwanted stress on the valve.

Preventest Pack:

  • Lightweight aluminum test stand, fully prepared and adjustable for all kinds of spring-loaded PSVs.
  • Universal adapter set for all kinds of spindle diameters.
  • Hydraulic cylinders and load cells
  • Lifting sensor
  • Acoustic sensor with quick coupling.
  • Carrying bag for pump, laptop and small accessories
  • Hydraulic cable and connection set
  • Robust industrial laptop with Windows 7 Pro and PreVenTest software with extensive safety valve database.

50kN load cell (optional)
The 50kN assembly is typically required for large orifice valves with high set pressures or in larger or high pressure valves with reduced or no process (line) pressure.
In both of these configurations, a force greater than the standard 20 kN may be required. The 50 kN kit consists of a separate stand complete with a hydraulic cylinder, a spindle adapter and a test bench.