Fully equiped transportable and containerized workshops for the test and repair of valves.
Delivered ready to use, with accessories and auxiliary equipment. For valve professionals.

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Transportable and containerized workshops for testing and repairing valves.
Delivered turnkey, with all accessories and auxiliary equipment. For valve professionals.

Mobile container workshops in 20” or 40” format equipped. Modular in onshore or offshore version.
Available in various configurations: valve testing, repair and mechanical workshop, hybrid.
Depending on the model, the workshop includes :

  • a gas and water test unit, Horizontal and/or Vertical type
  • a vacuum test unit
  • a computerized system with test report edition, automated cycle if necessary
  • a station for dismantling safety valve nozzles
  • CNC lathe, shot blasting unit and other equipment

Delivered as standard with all required auxiliary equipment:

  • reinforced insulation for severe climatic environment
  • dedicated room with HP (test) and BP (shop air) compressor
  • office space
  • jib cranes or lifting bridge for handling valves
  • electrical and pneumatic network
  • air conditioning and heating
  • tools and accessories for valves