The unmatched performance of the COPPUS Jectair® HP is recognized throughout the industry. Compared to older air horns, the patented air mixing chamber of the Jectair® HP converts the air flow with a ratio of 40:1 and saves up to 26% of compressed air.

Operating principle:
Compressed air or steam* is admitted to the Jectair through a single inlet connection in the housing leading to the mixing chamber. The air or steam projected by the nozzle creates a “Venturi” action which induces a large volume of surrounding air to enter the Jectair through the aerodynamic inlet bell. The air is then discharged at high speed through the horn-shaped diffuser.

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Features and benefits: (Jectair)

  • Standard Jectair in five sizes: 3SHP, 3HP, 6HP, 8, or 9
  • Heavy gauge steel diffusers; aluminum diffusers available on 3HP and 6HP models.
  • Compressed air or steam operation
  • Air flows from 1370 to 8900 cfm (2328 to 15121 m3/hr)
  • Induction ratios up to 40:1
  • Multiple expansion nozzles machined into housing
  • High static pressure capability
  • No moving parts; virtually maintenance free
  • Static connection cable with spring-loaded plug and replaceable contact tips
  • Easy duct attachment to the end of the outlet diffuser
  • Optional inlet duct adapter available
  • Tripod for fixed mounting available (optional)


  • Available in three sizes: 3S-HP, 3-HP and 6-HP
  • Polymer safely dissipates static charges
  • Diffuser is made of linear low density polyethylene, UL 94 rated with a maximum operating temperature
  • UL 94 rated with a maximum operating temperature of 93° Celsius (160° Fahrenheit).

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