Portable fans and cooling products that meet the safety requirements of safety and maintenance personnel. Designed for use in workshops, construction sites, refineries, food processing, naval aviation and automotive applications. Rugged aluminum housing and fan blade designed on reaction action principles. Can be supplied with RF20/RF24 swing door.
Applications :

  • Fresh air renewal for confined spaces
  • Smoke removal (degassing)
  • Process cooling
  • Cooling of equipment
  • Source capture of fumes
  • Relief of working conditions
  • Curing and air drying of paints an coatings
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Technical Description
Rugged aluminum housing and fan blade meet demanding ventilation requirements. RF design using action-reaction principles; compressed air is discharged through nozzles located at the tip of the fan blade, resulting in highly efficient, high volume, low maintenance air diffusion / circulation devices

RF20 / RF24 swing door
The exit and entrance of personnel and equipment can be done quickly and more safely thanks to this possibility. The RF20 (508mm) and RF24 (610mm) hinged models can be mounted on tank openings. The pivoting door (constructed of cast aluminum) is held in the closed position by industrial quality hooks and loops. Easy to open by pulling or pushing.


  • From 11,000 to 16,900 cfm (18,689 to 28,713 m3/hr) at 80 psig*.
  • Use for fresh air supply or exhaust
  • Can be transported or rolled to the job site
  • Spark resistant cast aluminum housing and fan blade
  • Permanently lubricated bearings
  • Flanges fit 20″” (508 mm) and 24″” (610 mm) API tank openings.
  • 20″” (508 mm) and 24″” (610 mm) API tank openings