Pneumatic angle tube rolling machine for tubes from 2″” to 6″”.
Adapated for high-torque tube rolling and recommended for thicker tubes (e.g. boilers).
Wide range of squares, angles and extensions available in option (e.g.: water box configuration).
Rotary handle or lever control.
K70 – K77 SERIES

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The choice of the rolling machine is critical based on the application.
Please contact our team to confirm the speifciations and requirements.

Standard series:

K20 SERIES: for precision roll forming with controlled torque. Capacity from 1/4″” to 1/2″” (6,3 to 12,7mm). May vary depending on exchanger configuration.

K50 SERIES: series of pneumatic engines for uniformity of tube crimping in the tube sheet, preventing poor crimping. Made of an aluminum body, its weight is reduced to 4,76 kg.
Equipped with an ergonomic handle. Automatic stop of the crimping process according to defined parameters.

K60 SERIES: Pneumatic tube rollers for rolling 1-1/2″” to 2-1/2″” tubes. May vary depending on exchanger configuration.