Portable grinding and lapping machines for small valves seat and valve repair. Electric with battery. Supplied with a set of lapping plates and centering tools for the grinding and lapping of all types and sizes of seats.
Can be completed with a set of accessories for tapered seats.
Designed for “in-situ” operations or repair worksop operations. Lightweight and versatile.
Suitable for valves up to 6” / DN150 mm.
Designed with a central shaft to hold the lapping plate in position, complete with eccentric orbital rotation for complete coverage and absolute flatness.

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Specially designed for small and flat valve seats but also conical (optional set) :

  • DN6 – 150mm (1/4” – 6”)
  • Large set of abrasives supplied: Small, medium and large (with different grits)
  • Option available for conical seats
  • High material removal rate & accurate, smooth finish
  • Can be used in the workshop as well as on site
  • Battery powered engine
  • Optionally available with air engine (6bar) or electric engine (220VAC)
  • Supplied with a compartmentalized and resistant transport case