Multi-purpose lapping and grinding station for valves. Suitable for all types of valves.
Key features:

  • Orbital system, with slow rotating heads and 5 fast rotating lapping plates.
  • Plates completed with self-adhesive abrasive discs, the grain depending on the wear and defects of the seat and the level of flatness / finish required.
  • Lapping plates driven at a uniform speed, ensuring a “checkerboard” grinding pattern and optimum lapping finish.
  • Uniform speed inside and outside the seat for easy positioning and alignment.
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  • Versatile working range for valves and gates:
  • From ¼”” to 10, 16, 24, 40″”
  • From 6mm to 250, 405, 610, 1015 mm
  • Vertical and horizontal seats
  • Mechanical honing and surfacing system
  • High material removal rate & accurate, smooth finish
  • Stationary workshop machine
  • Adjustable angle clamping table 0 -12
  • Storage drawers with all necessary tools