6-way off-furnace heat treatment unit. For pre and post weld heat treatment of pipes and fabrication welds requiring controlled heating.

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  • Equipped with 6 temperature controllers / programmers: allows the use of up to 18 heaters of 65V, 45A, 2.7kW.
  • Front panel allowing to see the temperatures on each of the 6 channels
  • Unit made for workshop / site work : mounted on a cart
  • Power supply : 380V (75A) , 415V (69A) or 440V (65A) three phase
  • CE certified

Technical specifications:

  • Front control panels include
  • six single-channel temperature controllers/programmers
  • six energy regulators
  • six auto/manual selectors that allow the use of an external six-channel temperature controller/programmer
  • six panel-mounted K-type thermocouple input sockets
  • Twelve panel-mounted 0V and 65V, 300A output sockets with twist lock