Portable, automatic, rechargeable battery powered thermocouple attachment unit. Capacitive discharge principle is used to attach a thermocouple wire to a workpiece ensuring accurate temperature recording and control of the workpiece.

Application: Variable energy output, selectable by the operator, suitable for attaching different sizes of thermocouple wire.
Optional manual or automatic mode.
Optimal for attaching thermocouples to hard-to-reach areas of the workpiece and when, for safety reasons, the operator must have one hand free.

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Automatic or manual operation

  • On rechargeable battery
  • Automatic shutdown after three minutes to save battery
  • Maximum output voltage of 60 V
  • Stainless steel case with shoulder strap and tool storage
  • Comes with a set of pliers and a solder return magnet
  • Input voltage: 110V a.c. @ 50/60 Hz (230V a.c. on request)


  • Allows thermocouple wires to be attached to a part
  • Uses the principle of capacitive discharge to secure the wires
  • Once the thermocouple wires are attached, they can transmit and read the temperature with high accuracy
  • Ideal when the operator needs to keep one hand free and for parts with difficult to access areas of the part