Variety of flexible ceramic heating elements for localized heat treatment, post-weld and pre-weld operations. Can be applied directly to the part to be heated.
Securely held in place with stainless steel strapping (or soft wire when only a few elements are used).

Flexibility of the resistors ensures an efficient and high heat transfer to the surface to be heated.
Can be used up to fifty times at temperatures up to 1050°C.
Customized resistors available for use up to 1200°C.

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Manufactured from 80/20 stranded nickel chrome (NiCr) center wire and 212 stranded nickel cold tail wire as standard.

The center wire and cold tail are electrically insulated by European made ceramic locking balls produced from sintered aluminum. These balls have been selected for their high quality and resistance to thermal and physical shock.

A wide variety of standard size resistors are available that operate in different voltage ranges.

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